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Alecia Hall & ANDRETTI

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Alecia was introduced to paws4people while a student at UNCW. She is diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and often struggles with day to day life due to high stress! She has a hard time recognizing when she has reached her internal limit, which causes heightened anxiety as well as physical and mental exhaustion. Having witnessed the life changing work that paws4people dogs are capable of, Alecia is hopeful that having a dog of her own will benefit her life, as well.

Alecia and ANDRETTI were matched in June 2023! ANDRETTI will help Alecia by alerting her to rising anxiety levels, and helping her slow down before she hits a wall. She will also anchor to Alecia’s anxiety and cuddle while Alecia processes difficult emotions and decompresses from a long and difficult day. Together, Alecia and ANDRETTI are a wonderful team, and we look forward to the many great things they will accomplish together! 

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