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AIC Sydney Floyd, USAF (ret.) & SILAS

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Sydney served in the USAF, working on F-16s. She is diagnosed with PTSD. After trying multiple times to change job fields unsuccessfully, Sydney developed a fear of being around the maintainer environment, as well as the leadership she had experienced. She experiences depression, cries out in her sleep due to nightmares, and has frequent panic attacks. She fears being alone in public, or around people she does not know. She feels detached from people and relationships, and has trouble focusing. Sydney hopes that an Assistance Dog will give her the confidence to rejoin society and go about her everyday life once again.

In December 2018, Sydney met SILAS and formed a lasting bond! SILAS will work to help Sydney live a fulfilling life with her loving family. He will help by anchoring to her anxiety, paying attention while in crowded places, and waking her from nightmares. We cannot wait to see the wonderful things this team will accomplish together!

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