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Abigael Ciociola & CURRAHEE

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Abigale Ciociola is a therapist for Villa Maria School, Catholic Charities of Baltimore in Maryland. Many of the children attending this school have mental health and behavioral challenges, often as a result of a history of trauma. The students often experience emotional crises during the ups and downs of their time at Villa Maria School, and Abigale is there to help them through those challenges.

CURRAHEE is a calm and confident Golden Retriever who will work with Abigael to help the children during their time at Villa Maria School. He will help new students integrate into their new environment, comfort and support them when they are in heightened emotional states, assist with therapy sessions, and will help students who have difficulty transitioning in the morning to class.

CURRAHEE will also be there to help support and comfort staff members after they have helped a student through a particularly tough crisis. 

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