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Abby completed the SDTP at UNCW, and was also an AK9, volunteering to help train puppies after her completion of the training program. She is diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She often feels like a burden to those around her as well as responsible for everyone around her. Because of this she avoids loud, crowded places and connecting to new people as it overwhelms her. She often isolates herself from others and all social interactions because of how easily she is emotionally overwhelmed and anxious. Through the SDT program, she was able to see the positive impact Service Dogs make in their clients’ lives and is hopeful that having a Service Dog will enhance and aid her life, as well.

In June 2022, Abby began working with JUNE! JUNE is a loveable Golden Retriever who will help Abby in a variety of ways, such as anchoring to calm her in stressful situations, behavior interruption, and cuddle as she processes difficult emotions. She will also alert to rising anxiety levels.

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