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Abi is a young adult who discovered paws4people while she attended UNCW. She quickly fell in love with the organization, and realized she would benefit greatly from a Service Dog. Abi was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic when she was 9 years old. Even though she has been a diabetic for a long time, she still struggles to stay in control with the day to day fight. In her fast pace life, it is difficult to stay on top of her blood sugars and medication at all times. She gets anxious when she feels like she doesn’t have the assistance when needing to get medication, and she sometimes wakes up feeling dizzy or sick due to her blood sugars dropping in the night. Abi hopes that having an Assistance Dog will allow her the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy her young life!

Abi met BEACON in June 2019. BEACON is a wonderful companion for Abi, and alerts to her low blood sugar levels. BEACON also helps by retrieving medication for her, getting help if Abi is unresponsive, and anchoring when Abi gets dizzy. Together this team is doing great things!

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