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Abbie completed the SDTP while a student at UNCW, as well as the Puppy Development Internship, and the Advanced K9 program. Through her time spent with paws4people, she learned about the life changing effects Service Dogs have on their clients’ lives. Abbie is diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, and while she has been coping well thus far, she knew that she needed additional tools in her belt to help her as she enters the next phase of her life. 

Abbie matched with SPORT in January 2022! A fun-spirited Black Lab, SPORT will be Abbie’s best friend and companion, helping her cope with all of life’s curveballs! SPORT will help Abbie by anchoring to her anxiety, cuddling with her as she processes difficult emotions, and will interrupt negative behaviors. These two are a wonderful team, and we look forward to their continued growth and progress together! 

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