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Kayla Black works as a Dental Assistant at Coastal Carolina Pediatric Dentistry in Wilmington, NC. The children she works with often come in with anxiety about being in the dentist office. She also treats many children on the Autism Spectrum, with Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and more. The fear and anxiety these children experience can cause behaviors that often lead to incomplete cleanings and appointments.

KENNEDY is a Rockstar! She will go to work with Kayla each day to help ease the fears of these children by cuddling them as they receive treatment, providing Deep Pressure Therapy. She will bring the child’s attention away from the dental office surroundings, and instead let them pet and love her, calming their nerves and putting them at ease. Kayla and KENNEDY will work together to give their patients a new outlook on dental care!

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KENNEDY helps kids at their dentist visit

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