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Henry Dunston, USMC Veteran & EASLEY

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Henry is a veteran who spent 11 years in the USMC. He is diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, as well as nerve damage in his legs and feet. After multiple back surgeries, and the use of other devices and medications, nothing helped ease the daily pain Henry endures. Because of this, he has a hard time standing for long periods of time, sitting down, getting out of bed and walking long distances. Occasionally the pain causes Henry to fall down, sometimes resulting in further injury. It is Henry’s hope that having an Assistance Dog will allow him to regain some independence, so he can stop having to constantly rely on his wife and kids for help.

In March of 2019, Henry met EASLEY – and they became fast friends! EASLEY is a loveable Goldador who will not only be there as Henry’s best friend, she will be able to help by retrieving items that are out of Henry’s reach and alerting people that he is in need of some help. EASLEY will also be able to brace for Henry, providing some stability while maneuvering uneven terrain, climbing stairs, or getting up if he has fallen down. EASLEY and her unconditional love will do wonders for Henry, and we cant wait to see the work these two do as a team!

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