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Ezra Buchdahl & CARMEN

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Ezra Buchdahl is the Administrator for Catholic Charities St. Vincent’s Villa and Villa Maria School in Maryland, where he oversees the daily operations of the residential diagnostic and treatment program and special education school. The children in this program have mental health and behavioral challenges, often times as a result of a history of trauma, including abuse and neglect. Many of these children experience emotional crises during the many ups and downs of their stay.

CARMEN is a sweet Lab who will be there to help the children throughout their time at St. Vincent’s Villa and Villa Maria School. She will help relieve their fears upon initial admission, help them cope with frightening medical procedures, and give them a positive outlet for their anxieties in therapy, when they are facing pending visits with family, as well as court procedures. Ezra and CARMEN will work together to provide unconditional love and understanding to these children, as well as everyone who comes in contact with the facility.

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