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Founders and Directors

Board of Directors – Executive Committee

Terry Henry
Wilmington, NC
service dogs PTSD Chairman Executive Director, paws4peopleTM Executive Director, paws4vets TM 30+ years of management & command experience in the military, federal government, private industry & a non-profit organization. Certified Assistance Dog Trainer, p4p Certified Assistance Dog Handler [SD, EAD, RAD and STD]

Kyria Henry
Wilmington, NC
help for ptsd Founder and Deputy Executive Director, paws4people TM, Inc. Executive Director, paws4prisons TM BMdS., West Virginia University w/ concentrations in: Speech Pathology & Audiology, Business Administration, Religious Studies and Disabilities Studies. MAHS, Liberty University, Marriage and Family Counseling.  10+ years of management & K-9 training within a non-profit organization. Bergin University of Canine Studies, Certified Assistance Dog Trainer. p4p Certified Assistance Dog Trainer, [SD, EAD, RAD and STD]

Candace Reel
Concord, NC
Executive Director, paws4people TM foundation of North Carolina 5+ years of experience as a Special Education Teacher [District; Teacher-of-the-Year 2009]. Certified Assistance Dog Handler [EAD, RAD and STD]

Karen Owens, M.Ed.
Concord, NC
Chief Trainer, paws4people TM foundation of North Carolina Chief Trainer, paws4prisons TM, FPC Alderson & FPC Jesup 9+ years of experience as a Regular and Special Education Teacher Certified Assistance Dog Trainer, p4p Certified Assistance Dog Trainer, Bergin University of Canine Studies Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Association of Pet Dog Trainers Certified Assistance Dog Handler [SD, EAD, RAD and STD]

Allison Kaminsky, B.S.N., RN
Waterford, VA
 15+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse in the health care industry (pediatric oncology) and private industry. Certified Assistance Dog Handler [EAD, AD and STD]

Board of Directors

Dr. Susan Ivancevich Wilmington, NC Dr. Lynne Blackburn, Ed.D
Chair, Financial Policies & Procedures Chair, K-9 Assisted-Educational Programs
Dr. Sharon Antoszyk, PT, DPT, PCS Jennifer Kolar
Chair, K-9 Assisted Therapeutic Programs Chair, Training Standards, Certifications & Curriculum
Mrs. Angie Allen Mrs. Lisa Swiger
Chair, Regional Chapters Chair, paws4people Client Advocate
Mrs. Carol Mitchell Mr. John “Miami” Phillips
Chair, paws4vets Client Advocate Chair, Business Operations & IT
Mrs. Cece Miller
Chair, paws4prisons Assistance Dog Training Programs

Advisory Board

Mr. Arthur E. Benjamin

Veterinarian Advisory Board

Dr. Lauri Fauss, DVM Dr. John Tomlinson, DVM
Stonewall Veterinary Clinic, Gainesville, VA Fairlea Animal Hospital, Lewisburg, WV
Dr. Jim Taylor, DVM
Morgantown Veterinary Hospital, Star City, WV

Military Advisory Board

Col. Mike Turner, USAF (ret.) Col. Sonny Morrow, USA (ret.)

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