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Cpl Tony Mullis, USMC (ret.)

My wife Jeanie and I had our first son on April 5th 2011 his name is Cason. On April 6th 2011, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) injured me. Along with the amputation of both legs I started to suffer from anxiety and nightmares. After coming home when my therapy for walking was completed, I started to look for help for my anxiety and nightmares. At one point I was sleeping with a gun under my pillow and my hand on the gun. I was getting maybe four hours asleep a night. I was scared to sleep because of the fear of someone going to break in, but when I went to sleep I had different nightmares that would wake me up anyways. After trying meds that only made it worse or didn’t work at all I looked into a service dog. As I googled and looked around I found paws4people/paws4vets. After the application process I was selected for a Bump that would introduce me to a few dogs and see which, if any, made a connection with me.

After the Bump I got an email saying MADISON and I were compatible. This came as no surprise to me because when MADISON came in to the room and came to me I knew she was my new battle buddy. She made me feel calm and relaxed. She was also wonderful to Cason and Jeanie. The next step for us was her training then our training together. After several months of training and completing the public access test, and showing we knew how to help each other, I was able to take MADISON home. Since I have had MADISON at home I no longer worry about someone breaking in or any other anxiety problems because I know she will wake up and wake me or get my attention. The hardest part of transitioning was knowing that I didn’t have anyone to watch my back while I sleep or while my family sleeps, but not anymore, MADISON brings that comfort to me knowing I always have someone watching my back. As for my nightmares obliviously these will never go completely away but they have slowed down to 1 or 2 a month because of MADISON. And when I start to have my nightmares MADISON knows the signs of my struggle and knows how to comfort me and keep me aware that it’s only a dream. Since MADISON has been with my family and me I have a happier life. I am able to enjoy my days and not be tired and mean or mad all the time. And as of July 7th 2015 We add another boy to our family name Owen Blake. MADISON loves him just as she does the rest of us.








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