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Neal Turner

In July of 2006 my life as I knew it changed forever. I was a Paramedic Crew Chief for Cabarrus County, loved the job, being able to help others with their problems. That month I had a 7 year old fatality and flew another 7 year old out to Carolinas Medical Center, it just so happened that the fly out looked like my granddaughter which was nearly the same age. That day wasn't unusual for a days work at EMS at least thats what I thought. My next shift I went to work as usual where I completely lost control of my emotions. From that minute on every time I ran a call I became as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers. The same year I was diagnosed with PTSD, which became worse as time went on. Jan of 2007 I was forced to retire. The next several years I suffered depression, anxiety, stomach problems, flash backs, problems sleeping, fears of leaving home, overloaded with anxiety when around crowds and noise, never finding anything amusing, jumping out of my skin when I heard the least noise which sounded like a pager going off. This was just a example of my PTSD symptoms. Then one day I met Karen Owens a Chief Trainer of paws4people, she set up a meeting with Terry Henry which was the person instrumental in helping to change my life. After talking about my problems, Terry agreed to help me with a dog. By time the meeting was over I was in tears shaking from anxiety, knowing my life was about to change for the good. Unfit to drive home Mr Henry took time from his day to drive me home. As the days progressed Karen helped with the training my dog Piper, which made me come in contact with others. At first I was very panicky. As time went on things became easer to stomach. After Pipers Graduation, going places has become easier. I feel as if the life I once knew is returning slowly. Most every day we try to go places. Noises, crowds and sirens still make me very nervous, and cause flashbacks but I can see gradual changes in my PTSD. It is something that doesn't happen over night but from year to year you can tell the difference. Thanks to paws4people my life will change as time go by. Thanks to paws4people I have a new chance at life.








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