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Mark McCann

Mark first learned about paws4people through a colleague who works at UNC Wilmington. Being familiar with some of the struggles his students experience Mark immediately embarked on the endeavor of getting an Assistance Dog to use in his classroom. As a student in a mandatory public speaking class he got firsthand knowledge of the physiological and psychological benefits a service dog is designed to create. By choosing to speak about the essentials of owning a dog as his final presentation he was able to have his dog Ollie by his side for the entire anxiety ridden speech. The success of his presentation was evidence of the powerful positive influence an Assistance Dog can provide.

Mark is a 5th grade teacher at Pine Valley Elementary School. By incorporating PALMER in the classroom and culture at Pine Valley he hopes to help students reach their academic and behavioral goals. Everyone on campus will benefit from PALMER's presence. She will start off primarily in Markโ€™s Math and Science classes, but later she will be incorporated into E.C. classes, after school programming, R.E.A.D. and so much more! PALMER is the first Facility Dog to be placed in the New Hanover County School District and everyone is anxious to see what the future holds for her!

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