Certification: AD-MED [PSY]
Team since: 2010

HM2 Buf Kloppenborg, USN (ret.)

Buf woke up in the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee in January of 2009 in Western NC. The problem was when he went to sleep, the night before, he was in a Ford Ranger and it was November 1994. This began a long journey for Buf. He found out from a friend in Denver that he had actually rejoined the Navy in 2000 and was currently stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. Buf returned to Camp Lejeune and was taken to the Naval Hospital where he met several “new to him” friends that had known him for several years. This was the start of his very confusing journey. After meeting with a Navy Psychiatrist they figured out that there had been a “Perfect Storm” of events that left Buf with a 14 year memory gap. Due to untreated PTSD, TBI from 2 IED strikes and a pending divorce Buf’s mind had reached a breaking point and left him with what is called Dissociative Amnesia. Included in this lost time was an ex wife that he didn’t even remember ever meeting, his 3 daughters and an ex girlfriend that he didn’t remember that he had a son with. He also did not remember the three combat tours with the US Marines in Iraq. Buf became very guarded, anxious and afraid of the world. He would only go to the store in the middle of the night, usually a gas station, to purchase food and supplies. Since becoming a team with SALLY, Buf and her are able to go to any store they choose and they now eat better food then what he was eating from the gas station selection. Buf has reached out to all four of his kids and with SALLY’s help has established the beginning of a relationship with them.
SALLY and Buf currently live in Nebraska outside of a small village. Though Buf goes through many changes as he finds triggers that take him to unknown places he know has a way handle them. SALLY is always right there beside him to help and keep him grounded. Recently, SALLY and Buf even made a trip to Chicago!! Buf has gone from being afraid to leave his home and shopping for groceries in a gas station to being able to stand in front of groups of people in order to share his story. This has only been possible due to his teammate, SALLY. She has given him his life back!!

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