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paws4people Moral Injury Summit

06/20/2019 – 06/21/2019 all-day
Cape Fear Community College
411 N. Front Street
NC 28401
Megan Laughinghouse
Moral Injury may be one of the most significant issues impacting the quality of life for our veterans and others suffering from serious trauma. Moral Injury occurs when a person’s fundamental understanding of right and wrong has been violated, and results in profound grief, numbness, or guilt. This summit is bringing together people and professionals from a variety of different fields and backgrounds to discuss the best options for helping people heal from Moral Injury, including our unique approach of K9-centric Post-Traumatic Growth.


  • Demonstrate a mastery theoretical and practical definitions of Moral Injury and its relationship to military and civilian trauma.
  • Cite strategies and interventions for therapists, health care providers, and faith-based counselors that are applicable to moral injury.
  • Explain the similarities and differences between PTSD and Moral Injury.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of assessment tools to screen for moral injury for use with members of the military.
  • Exhibit insight into various methods for Post-Traumatic growth and recovery.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of complementary alternative approaches to helping those who live with Moral Injury.
  • Explain the concepts and principles of applying Animal Assisted Intervention as K9-centric Post Traumatic Growth.


Psychologists, social workers, counselors, public health workers, human service professionals, and any other individuals interested in the mental health of survivors of trauma and moral injury.

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