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Stephen is a retired Army Major who served in Vietnam. Following his retirement, he continued serving his community as a Police Officer. Stephen is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He is at risk of falling, and has difficulty with stability. He also experiences bouts of sadness and anxiety, as well as nightmares. His wife, Janet, says that he is a kind, gentle man, and believes that an Assistance Dog would help improve his quality of life, something Stephen has earned and deserves.

Stephen met SUMTER in November 2021. A smart and loyal Goldador, SUMTER will help Stephen around the home by bracing to help with transitioning movements. She will retrieve items for Stephen that are out of his reach, and will cuddle him when he is experiencing difficult emotions. SUMTER will allow Stephen to get out for walks, keeping him mobile and active, giving him a greater sense of purpose. We look forward to watching this team grow together! 

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