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SFC Brock Strickland, USA (ret.) & TANNEN

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Brock is 31 and is from Chesapeake, Virginia. He has PTS and a TBI, as well as arthritis and constant pain. When Brock is depressed, he has suicidal ideations, can’t sleep, has intrusive nightmares and severe migraines. He joined the army at 17 and went to Germany for training as an army medic. In 2003, he went to Iraq as a medic and lived with Iraqi civilians in safe houses or “combat outposts”. He helped with humanitarian aid and loved living among the people of Iraq. In 2007, Brock helped train Iraqi soldiers to be medics. He was very affected by one mission in particular where he and his fellow soldiers were too close to buildings that were being imploded and as a result began having extreme migraines. Brock hopes to be able to feel safe in public again with TANNEN and to have help waking him from his nightmares.

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