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Riley is a tender-hearted 15 year old boy who enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends, drawing and music. Riley has struggled for many years with several mental health issues including ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder , Anxiety Disorder and Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder. He has a hard time with large crowds and is easily agitated if he feels sensory overstimulation. School is one of the most difficult settings for him as he struggles academically and this causes a lot of anxiety and stress for him.

Riley met CANYON in September of 2015. We knew immediately that CANYON was going to make the perfect companion for Riley. CANYON alerts to Riley’s anxiety symptoms as well as mood changes. He can tell when Riley gets upset or if he has a sudden change in his tone of voice. He will use his nose to nudge him so Riley knows to pet him which allows Riley time to calm down. CANYON has also given Riley an opportunity to get out and speak to new clients as well as members of the community about what his struggles are and how his dog helps him. This has given Riley a confidence that he didn’t have before. CANYON has been a life changer for Riley and we are so very grateful for him.

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