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In 2021, Nicholas suffered a ruptured aneurysm that required a craniotomy. As a result, he has experienced seizures ever since. While Nicholas has always prided himself on being fiercely independent, the onset of these seizures has stripped some of that independence away. He is hopeful that an Assistance Dog will allow him the peace of mind to go about life without always having to worry what might happen!

CASEY is a free-spirited Golden Retriever with a zest for life! She bumped with Nicholas in August 2023, and together they make a great team. CASEY will help by alerting others when Nicholas has had a seizure, or needs medical attention. She will also retrieve medication and other items out of his reach, and will cuddle with him as he recovers from a seizure. With CASEY, Nicholas can feel much safer when he is alone, knowing she has his back! 

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