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Janice Carrara & MAGNOLIA

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Welcome to our family! My name is Janice and my son Anthony is diagnosed with ADD, speech delay, and he is selectively mute. We have a new member of our family, MAGNOLIA! She has been working with Anthony with the anxiety that causes him to be selectively mute and to aid him in his communication and focus. She also helps him work on his coping skills. We have an extended family that MAGNOLIA will be helping as well. I am a teacher in the CMS school district. MY class is a self contained Autism class. I have 8 students in my class and we have two other Autism classrooms that MAGNOLIA will be able to help as well. She will be an invaluable addition to our school family. Her ability to calm students, interact with them, listen to them as well as many other skills she has to help them be able to reach goals unimaginable to us before she was welcomed into our classroom. MAGNOLIA is a blessing to our family and we are grateful to have the opportunity to have her as part of it.

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