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Edison is a twice-exceptional 9-year-old that is both profoundly gifted and struggles with anxiety. Because Edison has a mature understanding of the world around him, it causes him to absorb and process information before he is developmentally prepared for it. He often has a difficult time 

feeling free to enjoy life, because his anxiety overtakes him. Edison’s parents believe that a Service Dog would not only be an unconditional friend and companion for Edison, but will also help Edison in gaining independence and encourage him to explore the world outside the front door! 

GABLE knew Edison was his person the moment he laid eyes on him! They began working together in April 2023, and haven’t slowed down since! GABLE will help Edison by anchoring to his anxieties, cuddling as he processes complex emotions, and interrupting anxious behaviors. Knowing that GABLE loves him unconditionally, Edison will be able to engage in healthy social relationships and learn to enjoy 

the world around him! We are excited to have this team as part of the paws4people family! 

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