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Who IS Kyria?

service dogs PTSDKyria — pictured here with Riley who started it all — has big dreams.

Her dreams are certainly big to most of the rest of us — perhaps some would even say GIANT dreams — some might say even impossible.

Kyria has been having dreams and making them come true at an age when most of us have not even given a second thought to our own dreams. At least outside of the normal childhood fantasies of castles and cowboys, kings and princes and princesses.

She will be the first to tell you, though — that some of those dreams came together because of friends. In fact some of the dreams came into being in a way that has seemed almost magical, fateful. To hear the events in Kyria’s life, and how paws4people has evolved, is to believe in the power of synchronicity.

As a young child, after discovering the magic her dog RILEY had when she and Riley visited her grandparents — she wanted to share that magic with other senior citizens. And so, while still in elementary school, she began a regular schedule of visiting senior citizens in nursing homes.

A few years after she started, and with the assistance of a family friend, the charity paws4people was formed. Kyria was just 12 years old at the time.

As you can see, there is something special — if not about Kyria, certainly about the events in her life. Now, is it Kyria who is special? Well, if you sit down to talk to her, she’s as much an every day person as everyone else.

In fact, before we get too much further, and if you haven’t already — listen to her introduction for this site …

Here it is again … just click the “play button” below …

And, now, having watched the video — we’d really like to underscore her invitation… to sign up to the HelpKyria email list.

Sign up because, while this is a page is a short introduction to Kyria and to paws4people — there is far more than we can tell you on this short page. In fact, we have many exciting, wonderful and inspirational things to tell you.

So — before continuing on … if you could just sign up here, we’d appreciate it. You can just put your name and email address in the form to the right and click submit. Then, in a few moments, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm that you want to be on the HelpKyria email list.

Why should you sign up?

First, we want to inspire you. We want to tell you about the incredible things that are happening through paws4people and its associated organizations, such as paws4vets and slammerDogZ — to name just a few.

And we’d like you to share in something that is happening. Happening through paws4people, happening through Kyria. Because it is truly something exciting — and we expect to see even bigger things happening.

If for no other reason than … they’ve been happening for Kyria and her dreams for over 12 years. You see, Kyria is now a young woman — 24 — and a college graduate. She’s been involved in bringing the healing powers of dogs to people — often desperate people, people who have seemed beyond hope — for over half of her life now.

This is both an adventure and inspiration.

Instead of hearing about war and crime — you will discover how Kyria and her canine friends are combating the effects of psychological trauma on our war veterans. How prison inmates are discovering a new sense of accomplishment and responsibility by training dogs for a higher purpose.

Bringing the healing powers of canines to so many who need it is a big challenge. And that’s why we ask you to join us. Join with us. Signing up to our email list is a first step…and we don’t discount your sign up in any way. You see, it encourages all of us to believe in a better world, to know that we, through Kyria and paws4people, can make a difference.

And here’s another reason I’d like to encourage you to become part of our community.

The healing power of canines is nearly beyond belief. Dogs help so many people, in so many different kinds of situations. It is highly possible you will come across, at some point, a relative or a friend who can be assisted by the remarkable work of paws4people. Far more effective than a dozen medications, far more helpful than even talk therapists — dogs bring joy — true joy — back into the lives of people. If you don’t know someone like that right now, you will.

If you haven’t already — please take a moment to sign up. And bookmark this page. And look forward to being inspired.

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