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HATTIE Blog 10-27-13

HATTIE had trouble with the toy store in the mall but she got through it and moved on. She did very well with the elevator and she also did very well with the assisted living home on Saturday. ...

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ITT with KENAN and Adam

Since January I have been involved in ITT training not only with MASON, but with KENAN and Adam as well. I have been able to work with them for each of his three visits and the progress they have made together is almost indescribable. When KENAN and Adam saw each other for the first time since their bump KENAN was automatically glued to his side and he was the only dog to behave this way right from the begi ...

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Dark Side

 I know I haven't posted in a week but so much has been going on so I have some important things to share so I hope you will read all the way through this post. Right now I am putting away books and things that I am still unpacking and putting in place and with every book or item I touch it takes me back to that time and as I am doing this I am once again listening to music.  None of you know but I used to ...

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This week, we had various clients with PTSD and a P4P dog come in and speak to us. Their was 1 previous paramedic, 2 Military men with PTSD, and 1 Military man with TBI. They said in one form or another how they never thought they would get PTSD, that it really is the straw that broke the Camels back. Each person rely heavily on their dogs for function and are especially devoted to their dogs. They are awar ...

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Veterans Visit Assistance Dogs II Class

Today in class, three men who served multiple tours visited to speak about how having a service dog has helped them manage their respective disability. To start, each one introduced himself and explained a little about why they had a service dog. One had PTSD, one had TBI as well as an amputated hand and the third had something similar to PTSD, but was tagged as a form of depression. Each one had a differen ...

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