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Six Successful Months With MASON

It's hard to believe that MASON has already been at home with us for six months now!! As I sit here and look back over the past year, it is truly amazing how fast the past six months have flown by!! New clients-the waiting is the worst. You finally get to go to a bump...your dog finds you (or your child)...then the difficult wait really begins! You have a face and a name for the dog that will become your (o ...

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Why Don’t Special Needs Kids Get Invited To Birthday Parties?

This blog post is for you Jenny and Maddie. In early July, one of the moms in our neighborhood asked me if Jack could come to a birthday party in a bowling alley, to which I replied "yes".  A couple of weeks later, the invitation came.  It was scheduled for July 24th, which was the day I was flying home from the paws4people bump at Lakin Correctional Facility.  It was only a couple of hours after my plane w ...

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Training With MASON

I feel really bad that I have not posted more often this summer throughout our training sessions with MASON, but it has been so busy around here with various trips for multiple reasons that I feel like I have lived out of a suitcase all summer long! In June I traveled to Wilmington for my first training with MASON...or maybe I should say to begin the sessions with MASON training me. =)  Thanks to the traine ...

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Neal and Piper Goes to UNCW

February 26, 2012 Hello everyone Neal and Piper here back around January Mr. Henry talk with my wife and I about coming to UNCW to speak to a class about PTSD. During the conversation we decided to go ahead and attempt a trip to Wilmington North Carolina. This was a big effort for me because ever since the accident which started my PTSD we have not gone anywhere fact it was in October 2005 that we took our ...

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