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Why Don’t Special Needs Kids Get Invited To Birthday Parties?

This blog post is for you Jenny and Maddie. In early July, one of the moms in our neighborhood asked me if Jack could come to a birthday party in a bowling alley, to which I replied "yes".  A couple of weeks later, the invitation came.  It was scheduled for July 24th, which was the day I was flying home from the paws4people bump at Lakin Correctional Facility.  It was only a couple of hours after my plane w ...

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A Happy Bump for Rich and Lexi

Our son Jack bumped with his CAYLIE on February 8th, 2009 and I have not been to another bump since.  That is until last Tuesday, on July 23rd.  I had the privilege of going as the client advocate for Rich and Lexi to the bump at Lakin Correctional Facility in West Virginia.  To say that it was an amazing day is an understatement. Rich and Lexi are precious little children who will have better lives because ...

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June is PTSD Awareness Month

This is a sad story of a Marine who was shot by police. He served 5 tours! He thought he was in a war. Help others understand what it is these soldiers are facing so they can get help before it comes to this! Watch the video here Final messages reveal Maryville Marine's battle with PTSD Mary Scott We may never know exactly what went on inside the mind of Theodore "TJ" Jones IV the night he shot at and was k ...

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Jack and CAYLIE rock Special Olympics!

  Here are Jack and CAYLIE enjoying their day at Special Olympics in Cabarrus County. CAYLIE was the only service dog at the games, which surprised me.  Last year we saw one other.  There were so many children who were frightened because they were out of their routine and environment, but CAYLIE helped them cope with her love and patience. Jack had two events and received gold medals.  He was tickled a ...

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Double Trouble!

Jack and CAROLINE snuggle on the couch during our "snow" day on Friday.  We live in a wonderful county in North Caroline, but we sometimes have dry snow days.  It is good to be cautious I guess. CAROLINE is visiting for 6 days while her family (Nancy Kiger's) is out of town.  She is Jack's dog CAYLIE's sister from a different litter.  They look so much alike, that we have to check for CAROLINE's blue collar ...

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Jack and CAYLIE are rock stars!

  Jack and CAYLIE spent Saturday afternoon and evening with our new friends Mergil and Lou. They are both fellows with the William C. Friday Fellowship.  Here is the link to their site: They asked to do a documentary about living with shaken baby syndrome and how our service dog has helped our Jack.  The foundation strives to teach professionals in all types of job ...

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