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The wonderful people behind the scenes!

We can't say enough about all the people who volunteer their time, energy, training and creative minds to make paws4people such an awesome organization. This includes all our therapy, assistance and service dogs as well as their handlers!! A big thank you to all of you! ...

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New to paws4people

[caption id="attachment_14134" align="alignnone" width="98"] Brian and SHERMAN at the First Annual Charity Clay Shoot, September 20, 2013 @the Fork in Norwood, NC![/caption] Hello everyone, My name is Brian, and I am new to paws4people.  I have been able to spend some time with these amazing people (both with two and four legs) at a few different events in the last few months and am very excited to become p ...

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STEWART’s trip to the center and PUPPIES

STEWART and I took a trip to the center to take a more active role as a volunteer.  The trip impacted STEWART’s life and my life in ways that will last forever.  I believe we both grew as a team and we both gained a little more self confidence than we had before. The trip began with April and I brainstorming about how to fund for a long -term project.  I also began going out to the location that the puppies ...

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 Each year our service dogs are required to complete Public Access Testing.  This year, CAROLINE, CAYLIE, and NIKKI decided to practice together at Concord Mills Mall.  We worked on walking through crowds, having a stranger pet our dog, walking with a shopping cart, lying down in a restaurant, completing a down, sit, and stay, and handling noise distractions.  The dogs did a great job!  The biggest distract ...

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