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MASON Alerts To A New Situation!!

Let me tell you how awesome MASON is again!! I put the boys (Joshua & MASON) to bed as usual. I came and sat at the end of the table in the kitchen. I can see down the hall and into their room from here. After a while MASON gets out of bed and stands at the baby gate and whines. I tell him to be quiet, go to bed, etc, etc., several times. He continues to persistently whine, pace, and rub his nose on the ...

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HATTIE Blog 10-27-13

HATTIE had trouble with the toy store in the mall but she got through it and moved on. She did very well with the elevator and she also did very well with the assisted living home on Saturday. ...

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CAROLINE and the Tunnel

This is a picture of a tunnel CAROLINE is attempting to learn to go through.  Unfortunately, she isn't having very much luck.  She is afraid of walking through the tunnel with even goooood treats!  She is also fearful of walking through tight places, around moving objects, or over cords.  If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.  We are practicing so we can go through the tunnel with our preschoole ...

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Dogs really do make dreams come true. (Take 2)

As I started my journey to Lakin Correctional Facility on Sunday I was filled with anxiety and emotions I haven't felt for a long time.  I was really out of my comfort zone.  For someone that usually keeps to themselves I am now (very thankfully) being driven to the facility by my schoolmates which was also challenging for me because I am twenty plus their senior and lack social skills not to mention school ...

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