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One year with p4p!! Please join me and some of the p4p crew COME OUT in support of paws4people!! I hear THAT MY DAWSON is doing GREAT in his training!! :-)

Hi all and my p4p family! Rach here I am celebrating one year of volunteering for p4p!!!! I love you p4p!! I have enjoyed every second!!! I so look forward to the future the years!!! I have made family members for life and friends forever!!! Thank you Terry, Allison, and Kyria!!!! Give a paw to paws4people!!!!!!!!!! Allison let's me around with her for a lot and we do newsletters together. I don't feel than ...

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Give my DAWSON a treat for me Happy B-day !

My DAWSON turned one today along with brothers and sisters who are still training for all of us!! Ladies plesae give DAWSON love for me and a treat!! Thanks!! :-) DAWSON don't party to hard ha ha and have a doggie root beer ha ha. Everyone is asking me how you are. I am going to the p4p fall bqq this weekend.We will go together sometime I promise. See you soon! Keep up the good work! ...

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Rainy Days/ Wacky Weather & My B-day Is This Weekend (What Is MY DAWSON Doing?)

Rach here HI ALL! I am sitting here with my lab ANGEL watching the rain fall and wondering what  my DAWSON up to the prison!? ANGEL can wait to meet her  brother!   I have been studying hard the things Terry sent me. I know Terry gave you and your ladies my list of commands for you learn.  Also Allison and I been working on some cool things for p4p to come out in the near future. I know he is learning all k ...

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“WHEELS” (Rach) her 4 paws is DAWSON!

Rach Here Hi all and p4p family ( See short end of the story is that WHEELS my nick name given to me by a good friend in middle school and it just stuck!) I’m just a girl who gets around differently who CANNOT WAIT 4paws to join her in life! "Who is my 4 paws?" said Alex Trebek (lol, :-P) My ANSWER "DAWSON!" I was so ready to announce it to the world last night; when I the big news but our Internet kept goi ...

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Hazelton prison trip – These pups really do have special powers !!! (Rachael My bump)

Rach here Back from my bump!  Thanks to who came for my bump!!!!! I am so exicted!!!!!! Meant a lot to me!!!! I was so ready !!!! Its hard to put in  words MY BUMP DAY it was awesome but here goes anyway!!!! If I could have taken my powerchair I would been doing donuts!!!! Were I was reunited with CLAIRE'S litter:  LANGLEY, BLISS, FALLON, BENNING,DAWSON, STEWART, KNOX, and KINGSLEY. I am still on cloud nine ...

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Leave for the prison in few days (for my bump)

Hi all and my p4p family Rach here The count down has reach a few days till I go to the prison MEET or get match with my service dog in WVA!!! Cannot wait :-) I am so beyond excited and blessed! Excited is to small of word or feeling! The last couple nights I've literally dreaming about the whole thing! Stay near you computers I or p4p will announce shortally which pup picks me! A big thank you to my p4p fa ...

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Just had a p4p evening :-)

Just got back from awesome evening! Where my dad and I met up with Kyria and Terry to be part of another client getting her dog! Was amazing to watch! Way to go April! April is one of paws4vets' veteran clients. She is an amazing young lady! I also met the gentleman who has been helping her with some training, David. He was very nice. Oh and the puppies were along for the ride! I held BROOKE for the longest ...

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Please follow my journey to get my 4 paws (got my bump date today)

Its Rach again! Hi to my p4p family and visitors: I love you all to follow on my journey along next to me to get my service dog! Also as I go around with p4p to meet others and tell my story. I am so exacted! I will try to post often. Some posts may be long, or just sentences or two . Even my yellow lab ANGEL who will be 10 tomorrow cannot wait to meet her brother or sister! HAPPY BDAY ANGEL! I LOVE YOU SO ...

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