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Happy Holidays and thank you from paws4people!

This Holiday season, we are so thankful for kind and generous friends like you. Because of you, hundreds of lives have become more independent, more fullfilled, and some have even been saved, all because of a paws4people Assistance Dog. Your efforts make such a difference to the people who receive private placement Assistance Dogs, but also to the thousands of students with special needs, at-risk youths, an ...

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Daniel Tully and Jeff Mitchell, friends to the end.

Tully was part of the paws4vets Wounded Warrior Assistance Dog Training Program at Fort Stewart. He was a 20 year Army veteran and had served all over the world - his last tour was in Iraq where he was gravely wounded in an IED attack where he was crushed under a gun turret breaking his back and leaving doctors telling him that he would never walk again. Those doctors didn't know Tully - not only did he lea ...

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What have I been doing

What have I been doing? Well besides going to reunion I have been trying to get myself together.  I know there will be things that will always be hard for me to do But there is one thing after reflection that I never want to happen to me again. I never want to be in a situation where I feel helpless or trapped. SO with the help of a friend we have developed a exercise and workout plan.  These last years I w ...

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The P4V Family Reunion Gave Me So Much Hope!

I don't even know where to start when it comes to describing the Paws4People/Paws4Vets family reunion.  I guess one easy way to start is to say that its the first family reunion I've been to where I wasn't related to anyone and didn't have to pretend to relate to what people were saying.  This was the first time, the VERY first time that I really was given hope that my life would actually be worthwhile and ...

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STEWART saves the day

For several months, I have been experiencing severe right knee pain.  I went to the doctor and found out I needed to have a procedure called a “partial knee replacement.”  The pain, swelling, and the time in the hospital would have been unbearable had it not been for STEWART.  I have spoken in many blogs about STEWART being the “oil for my engine” and he continues to provide that role today.  After the surg ...

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