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New puppy WYATT II

This is another new puppy named WYATT II because we all know the famous WYATT! We have a new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy joining our family, his name is WYATT! I know, you've heard that name before! WYATT Jr. was generously donated by Shadymist Kennels. His breeder has registered him in honor of Shane Brenton, 23, who returned home after 3 tours in Iraq only to take his own life because of his psyc ...

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New puppies GUS and ELLA

These new puppies are GUS (left) and ELLA (right).  We are welcoming them to the paws4people family! ELLA & GUS are two wonderful black lab puppies who were generously donated by Barra Labradors. We are so grateful for these wonderful new additions! These puppies seem to have the most wonderful disposition and are very mild mannered and sweet.  It is going to be so amazing ...

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Dark Side

 I know I haven't posted in a week but so much has been going on so I have some important things to share so I hope you will read all the way through this post. Right now I am putting away books and things that I am still unpacking and putting in place and with every book or item I touch it takes me back to that time and as I am doing this I am once again listening to music.  None of you know but I used to ...

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