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Dark Side

 I know I haven't posted in a week but so much has been going on so I have some important things to share so I hope you will read all the way through this post. Right now I am putting away books and things that I am still unpacking and putting in place and with every book or item I touch it takes me back to that time and as I am doing this I am once again listening to music.  None of you know but I used to ...

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Looking forward instead of behind

Things have been really busy for me lately which is the reason my post is late.  We had a good friend of the family pass away this last week.  He started with bladder cancer and then the cancer spread to different organs until it took over his body along with the chemo, radiation, and frequent trips to the hospital to receive fluids and blood.  Steve was a wonderful person and even when I knew he was hurtin ...

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I Have PTSD…So What?

This article is copied in full from the website at The Rhino Den, Usually we would only copy the first few paragraphs - but we want you to read it all! Read more articles from this author here. I Have PTSD…So What? I have PTSD. We all know what it is, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am one of millions who are affected by it each and every day. Millions of men and women who have varying symptoms yet manage ...

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Loyal Companion Helps a Veteran Regain Her Life After War Trauma

New York Times By JAMES DAO Published: April 28, 2012 SAN DIEGO — The hovering aircraft was just a plain-vanilla traffic chopper, a benignly common species to Southern California skies. But its mere presence overhead was enough to make Tori Stitt stiffen. Tori Stitt found that medication and therapy did not rid her of the trauma of a tour in Iraq. Her service dog, Devon, is a big part of her recovery. More ...

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We are adding a new category to the blog on - Post Traumatic Stress News. There is such a wealth of information every day about PTSD, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) as well as the next huge issue to explode on the military - Military Sexual Trauma (MST). We will be adding news as we find it...     ...

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