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Revisiting Jeff Mitchell and TAZIE

I remember meeting Jeff and TAZIE for the first time last semester as I took Kyria's Assistance Dog class and remember how difficult it was for him.  I also remember how difficult it was for me.  Being 45 in a class of young people and having issues of my own to where I was applying for a service dog made me feel like a fish out of water.  I lived in Jacksonville, NC at the time and drove an hour each way f ...

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Looking forward instead of behind

Things have been really busy for me lately which is the reason my post is late.  We had a good friend of the family pass away this last week.  He started with bladder cancer and then the cancer spread to different organs until it took over his body along with the chemo, radiation, and frequent trips to the hospital to receive fluids and blood.  Steve was a wonderful person and even when I knew he was hurtin ...

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Dogs ARE from Heaven

As I wonder what is going on with AIRLIE I am trying to keep myself busy.  I am sure others have noticed that dog spelled backwards is God and I really believe dogs are a special gift from God that stand out from all other animals.  I am adjusting to life in Wilmington and I must say this is a very busy place so I make lists and don't go out unless I have to.  Unless I am in a controlled environment it seem ...

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CAROLINE is Ready for Prom

I just had to share this picture of my two beautiful girls before prom!  Of course CAROLINE never likes to be left out and somehow managed to be included in our photo shoot.  Reagan has been homebound from school this semester due to chronic migraines and CAROLINE has been a lifesaver in many ways.  Her date, Parker, plays ball with CAROLINE so whenever she sees him, she is right by his side!  This is a pic ...

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How Can We Make Kyria’s Vision A Reality?

Although the quality of this video is not as good as could be desired, the heart and depth of feeling that is felt by watching Kyria explain her vision more than makes up for the quality! All of us at paws4people share in Kyria's passion! And you will begin to see some really cool things coming as we pull together to make this dream a reality! ...

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