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So we have graduation coming soon for my Assistance Dog Training Class. I am excited to see all these people be applauded for overcoming their tasks along with their Assistance Dog. It will really be an eye opening ever for myself because I have a disability and could have easily been put in a wheelchair or not been able to walk and may have needed an Assistance Dog as well but fortunately, I over came my d ...

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Assistance Dogs – Assisting People dealing with Disabilities

My last class before spring break started, Kyria discussed how Assistance Dogs help people so much in so many ways, more than what we can understand mentally or emotionally. Kyria and Terry discussed a couple clients that they had in previous times and we got to meet a couple men that served and there was a man who had his arm amputated. To me it felt like something that would be really hard dealing with bu ...

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Assistance Dogs Opportunities in the Job World

My name is Nicholas Dassler, I am a senior at UNCW majoring in Psychology. I have not attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for all of my college years unfortunately but I believe that I chose the best path for myself. It hasn't been easy going somewhere you are not really familiar with and starting out as a upperclass undergraduate at a college like UNCW. I do have to say that I am very p ...

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