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Bliss Update :)

I'm getting excited. I heard from Terry the other day, and he said that very shortly he and Kyria would be flying out to visit Bliss and her trainer. They will assess her progress with the public access training and see where we are on the timeline for getting us together. They hope to have an update for me around the 15th or 16th of June. I fly out to Oklahoma on the 21st to see my husband graduate from ba ...

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Neal and Piper Goes to UNCW

February 26, 2012 Hello everyone Neal and Piper here back around January Mr. Henry talk with my wife and I about coming to UNCW to speak to a class about PTSD. During the conversation we decided to go ahead and attempt a trip to Wilmington North Carolina. This was a big effort for me because ever since the accident which started my PTSD we have not gone anywhere fact it was in October 2005 that we took our ...

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Ivy the HEROINE!!!

[caption id="attachment_7518" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="IVY and the Nottinghams"][/caption]I have a lot to catch up with blogging, but today I’m just writing about one thing - amazing Ivy! On Tuesday, Scott and Connor took Ivy out to play with her new best friend, Lexie, our neighbor’s puppy. Normally Ivy adores playing with Lexie. They roll around together, play tag, and pin each other down. T ...

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BENNING in Wilmington

This post is a week late, I am very sorry.  Last week, BENNING visited Wilmington!! My husband and I went with him, at least we were his chauffeur!!  He is such a little star.  We arrived at Panera to meet up with the fabulous Kyria and WYATT.  After our briefing, we went over to Starbucks in Mayfaire to meet Gunny and BAILEY.  Kyria and I had to do a Public Access Test on them.  They passed with flying col ...

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A Mom’s Perspective On paws4vets, PTSD and Service DOGS

(Carol Mitchell who wrote this wonderful post is Jeff's Mom and a crucial part of his recovery) When paws4vets (Terry and Kyria Henry) did our home visit in Jan 2010, they explained that once paws4vets selects a veteran to get a dog - the dog is free of charge - all that paws4vets asks of the veteran is to do "public awareness" - to spread the word about the healing power of dogs in hopes that another vet s ...

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Ivy goes to college!

Several weeks ago, Connor, Ivy and I drove to Wilmington, NC to visit the class Kyria is teaching at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington.  We were so excited that Kyria invited us to show off Ivy and share how we use Ivy for pet social therapy in an assisted living home.  We met up with Kyria at the hotel and Ivy was beside herself with excitement when she saw Kyria. Since it was a beautiful day, ...

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Birthing Puppies, paws4people volunteers and More

Round Hill, VA paws4people Breeding Center I never get tired of birthing puppies. The stress is overwhelming: are you going to be able to make the right decisions when problems arise? Are they all going to make it? But watching the miracle of the process, watching CLAIRE nudge each pup from the rupture of their placental sac to when they begin breathing, is an incredibly complex, yet simple process. Watchin ...

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