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MASON Alerts To A New Situation!!

Let me tell you how awesome MASON is again!! I put the boys (Joshua & MASON) to bed as usual. I came and sat at the end of the table in the kitchen. I can see down the hall and into their room from here. After a while MASON gets out of bed and stands at the baby gate and whines. I tell him to be quiet, go to bed, etc, etc., several times. He continues to persistently whine, pace, and rub his nose on the ...

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Six Successful Months With MASON

It's hard to believe that MASON has already been at home with us for six months now!! As I sit here and look back over the past year, it is truly amazing how fast the past six months have flown by!! New clients-the waiting is the worst. You finally get to go to a bump...your dog finds you (or your child)...then the difficult wait really begins! You have a face and a name for the dog that will become your (o ...

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