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My workout coach

I went running this morning because I have a PT test in December and I am trying to get back into shape. It is hard when every medicine your are on makes you gain weight. So I have decided to start running in the morning because it is cooler and the black top isn't hot for DRAKE. This morning DRAKE was all excited and my husband laughed at me as I put on a reflector belt before we took off. Then not even 6 ...

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Need Your Opinion

DRAKE and I are going to Atlanta in November to visit the Home Depot corporate offices for a lunch and learn. [caption id="attachment_3396" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Kisses!"][/caption] I was going to use this picture when I go with Hershey Kisses as the food to bring people to the table. I'll put the picture in front of the bowl with "Sometimes all it takes is just a Kiss" Help Paws4vets. What ...

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DRAKE is My Hero!

Hello everyone, Today DRAKE and I went to the VA hospital and I was so proud of him! I had to have some blood work done and I hate needles. I think DRAKE knew that and he sat right by the blood drawing chair and licked my leg. I think he was saying I am here mommy and I love you. People thank me all the time for my service but I want to think DRAKE he is my hero. I want to thank Mr. Henry because without hi ...

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