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One year with p4p!! Please join me and some of the p4p crew COME OUT in support of paws4people!! I hear THAT MY DAWSON is doing GREAT in his training!! :-)

Hi all and my p4p family! Rach here I am celebrating one year of volunteering for p4p!!!! I love you p4p!! I have enjoyed every second!!! I so look forward to the future the years!!! I have made family members for life and friends forever!!! Thank you Terry, Allison, and Kyria!!!! Give a paw to paws4people!!!!!!!!!! Allison let's me around with her for a lot and we do newsletters together. I don't feel than ...

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Rainy Days/ Wacky Weather & My B-day Is This Weekend (What Is MY DAWSON Doing?)

Rach here HI ALL! I am sitting here with my lab ANGEL watching the rain fall and wondering what  my DAWSON up to the prison!? ANGEL can wait to meet her  brother!   I have been studying hard the things Terry sent me. I know Terry gave you and your ladies my list of commands for you learn.  Also Allison and I been working on some cool things for p4p to come out in the near future. I know he is learning all k ...

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“WHEELS” (Rach) her 4 paws is DAWSON!

Rach Here Hi all and p4p family ( See short end of the story is that WHEELS my nick name given to me by a good friend in middle school and it just stuck!) I’m just a girl who gets around differently who CANNOT WAIT 4paws to join her in life! "Who is my 4 paws?" said Alex Trebek (lol, :-P) My ANSWER "DAWSON!" I was so ready to announce it to the world last night; when I the big news but our Internet kept goi ...

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Hazelton prison trip – These pups really do have special powers !!! (Rachael My bump)

Rach here Back from my bump!  Thanks to who came for my bump!!!!! I am so exicted!!!!!! Meant a lot to me!!!! I was so ready !!!! Its hard to put in  words MY BUMP DAY it was awesome but here goes anyway!!!! If I could have taken my powerchair I would been doing donuts!!!! Were I was reunited with CLAIRE'S litter:  LANGLEY, BLISS, FALLON, BENNING,DAWSON, STEWART, KNOX, and KINGSLEY. I am still on cloud nine ...

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