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LionPaws is in Action!

The LionPaws Puppy Development Center is up and running in full swing! On Tuesday morning Kyria and I loaded up 12 dogs and everything they need into two cars and hit the road from Wilmington to Atlanta. For those of you that can remember back to last Tuesday, we were trying to beat a giant snowstorm to Atlanta. We were very fortunate in our travels that we made it to the house of the Spafford's (DERBY) and ...

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Meet our newest service dog trainee: THEODORE

Thanks to the generous donation of Gold Rush Labradors, we have a handsome 4 month old golden lab as our latest service dog trainee.  Meet THEO.  He surprises all who meet him with his calm temperament and charms them even more with his sweet nature. He is very bright, quick to learn, and also very analytical.  No surprise that this puppy is a natural retriever and also rather a fan of belly rubs.  He is al ...

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LILLY IS DUE! Guess how many and win!

Here we go again. Having just this Monday transferred 9 of CLAIRE's 12 week old puppies to the paws4prison's training facilities, we get the xray for LILLY! So the new birthing/whelping room at the paws4people center in Wilmington is ready to go! We have to remember that these births are future life changing events for someone who is critical need. This we know - these dogs make profound differences in the ...

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CLAIRE’s Puppy Updates 11.2012

The puppies continue to grow at an amazing rate and on Wednesday they received their first “puppy shots”! All of them got a thorough exam and lots of love and cuddling from the staff at Wilmington Animal Healthcare, which is our sponsoring veterinarian practice.  None of them missed a beat and took it all in stride with all of their other “firsts” they have experienced such as when their little eyes first o ...

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Claire’s Third Litter

I had big plans for a detailed post with lots of pictures of those adorable puppies...but since it's taking me a while, I thought I'd post a few. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen these... 5 Days Old     I went back when the puppies were three weeks old and haven't had a chance to process the images from the shoot -- except this one-- which was a test shot - while we w ...

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Hey All!   We are ready to introduce you to our newest litter of Service Dogs-in-the-making.  As always, CLAIRE's litters are named after U.S. Military Installations.  Drum roll please..... [gallery link="file"] Please stay tuned for more adorable updates on these wonderful puppies! ...

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CLAIRE and the recovery process

Hi All, It has certainly been an emotional roller coaster ride this past week or two. CLAIRE gave birth to a beautiful litter of nine puppies that are adorable. We were all very excited to see these little ones begin a new life. However, the pregnancy also brought about some scares. CLAIRE has had a rough time with medical complications with this litter. This has brought some significant worry and fright fo ...

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