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First solo visit to Morningside House

Hello all. We have had 3 different visits since I posted last. One was a group visit to the Herndon Senior Center. That was great since we had 4 dogs so I picked up some tips from watching them and seeing how DUKE interacted with them. I felt that we had a great mix that day with seasoned handlers and newbies. The folks at the senior center were really fantastic – both the staff and the participants. I had a lesson in reverse polarity in reference to the universe, something you never think about even though you know about the magnetic North Pole. DUKE seemed to have a great time! The next was actually the career fair at Dominion High School. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting JACK and Eileen, BAILEY and Carly and CLEO and (?) sorry, my mind has gone!!! Bad Human! Even though it was a long stint, we had a good time. When DUKE got ancy we took a walk, then strolled around through the vendors and met several of the college reps and many people from LCPS. Today we went to Morningside House in Leesburg. Not only were we graciously received by the staff but the residents were totally awesome! One of the ladies in the media room was having such a great time playing kissy face with DUKE that I hated to leave to visit the rooms. But, we did, and DUKE thought it was a great idea to meet so many new people. He did fine with the elevator, just cocked his head and perked up his ears at the funny noises and motions. The bird cage in the lobby was a fascination too, but he didn’t do anything else other than cock his head. It made me feel really great when I had two people say they were scared of dogs, but didn’t mind him because he was so calm. – WAHOO – a big difference since his first visit – I think he is understanding the vest and his training leather lead mean “Chill out and be petted.”
THANKS FOR READING – Sincerely, Liz and DUKE

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