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18 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day – Video

A good video explaining the bond between dog and veteran.

Please help us by donating what you can so we can train more dogs!

How Dogs Help Veterans Cope with PTSD from TIME Video on Vimeo

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  • Austin T

    Wow. It is so saddening to see the effects of PTSD, TBI, and depression. I had no idea that 18 veterans commit suicide daily and like the video said, there’s millions of sheltered animals that need to be matched with veterans. Luckily this organization exists and attempts to lessen those numbers.

  • Georgianna Honeycutt

    I absolutely LOVE this video. It’s absolutely wonderful that shelter dogs are being used as tools to help veterans with PTSD. These dogs are not trained as service dogs like the p4p dogs but they are still able to help their owners get through their tough times. I am a huge advocate for shelter dogs and I wish that p4p did more with them.

  • Kelsey Puliafico

    This video made me want to cry- both tears of sadness and joy. It’s so sad to me that so many veterans commit suicide because they can’t live with the horrible effects of PTSD. But I also loved how happy some of them become after adopting a dog to help them to cope. The men who shared their stories in this video a just a small number of examples of how having a service dog or just a dog as a pet can help them to better their lives after the men felt there was no hope. I hope organizations like these continue to thrive in the future!


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