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The Wisdom of the Military…

Does anyone else find this a bit disturbing? We unsuccessfully tried to find General Allen’s original quote.

Military Now Considering Limiting Soldiers With Severe PTSD To 3 Combat Tours

WASHINGTON—Following the alleged murder of 16 Afghan civilians by Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, the U.S. military announced Wednesday it would consider limiting troops with crippling post-traumatic stress disorder to just three combat tours. “If it’s only their second or third tour, we have no problem sending soldiers with shattered psyches and profound emotional problems back into a war zone, but the case of Staff Sgt. Bales suggests four may be too many,” said Gen. John R. Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, adding that troops in their third deployment can still basically function with PTSD and, instead of snapping and killing civilians, “might still have it together enough to kill actual enemies when they go berserk.” “We are beginning to think that if a soldier in his fourth tour suffers from constant night terrors or is haunted by memories of the friends he’s lost in combat, he could actually become a liability on the battlefield.” Gen. Allen acknowledged that while it is possible the redeployment of the mentally ill is a bad policy altogether, any such notion is mere speculation at this point.

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  • Carol Mitchell

    To say this is merely disturbing doesn’t even come close. I pray that this alleged “quote” by Gen. Allen is the product of some internet blogger with an agenda.

  • Austin T

    Wow, this is awful. The effects of combat can be so detrimental and to make soldiers return to battle should not even be considered. I hope this is untrue.

  • Georgianna Honeycutt

    This is absolutely horrible. It seems like the soldiers aren’t even viewed as real people with a real problem. They are not just killing machines, they are people who have been traumatized by what they have been through and should never have to experience that again. I can’t believe someone could sleep at night knowing they sent someone who is suffering from PTSD right back to war where they will only get worse.

  • Kelsey Puliafico

    Like others have said, I agree that is is a terrible philosophy. PTSD is a horrible thing to have to live with and by putting these guys back onto the battlefield is only more detrimental to their well-being. Men who have fought in a war and develop symptoms of PTSD should not be forced to serve on another tour.


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