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My Passion for paws4people

The paws4people 2012 Graduation is coming up and I am so excited to meet the clients, help out at the event, and learn first-hand the mission of Kyria’s growing organization. I find her relationship with her clients incredible, how she knows each by name and their dog’s name. Although our first semester class has looked at and studied the techniques of other assistance dog programs, none of them seem to compare to paws4people. Our guest speakers gush over the successful and changed life they now live with their new furry family members. paws4people put a smile on the faces of those who felt like giving up and had no where else to turn. My experience in this class was above and beyond what I expected and I cannot wait to delve into the next sections of the course. I hope that paws4people continues to grow in more ways than one and that I can get more involved in their journey to improve and save lives.

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  • Georgianna Honeycutt

    I could not agree with you more. I have heard about other organizations but none of them seem to compare to p4p. I believe they care the most about their dogs & clients and are 100% committed to helping people. This has been the best class I have ever taken & I hope that I will get to experience what it is like to train a dog & hand it off to a person.

  • Austin T

    I’m excited about the graduation as well! Paws4people is an elite organization and all the things they do are amazing!

  • MeganH

    I initially took this class because I was interested in the possibility of receiving a dog to train and live with eventually. However, after going to class all semester my love for the organization and the class has grown so much. My motivation to stay in the course has changed from wanting a dog to truly helping paws4people and consequently helping the people they help. Hearing all the clients’ stories is so inspirational.

  • CarolineT

    I agree, Paws4People is a great organization. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for Assistance Dogs I but this class has exceeded my expectations to say the least. It has been an eye-opening experience to see, first hand, how dogs impact the lives of people with disablilities. Graduation was extremely moving; seeing the hope in client’s eyes upon recieving their newly trained service dogs reminded me why Paws4People is such a great organization.

  • AlexandraG

    The graduation was very exciting! I loved seeing all of the clients with their dogs! Kyria has done a really amazing thing with paws4people, and I agree that it is incredible that she knows all of their names and their dogs’ names. That is when you know an organiztion really cares about what they’re doing and the people they’re helping.


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