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Assistance Dogs class preparing for p4p reunion

I have to admit, I am really looking forward to the paws4people graduation and reunion, even if it means I have to wake up super early on a Saturday. Today in class Kyria taught us about all the different types of assistance dogs that will be graduating on March 31 and told us some great stories about their training. It is great that paws4people has such great trainers that can train service dogs for physical and neurological disabilities, psychiatric service dogs, rehab facility dogs, and dogs that can retrieve things using laser pointers. Many other organizations choose only one to focus on. I can’t wait to meet all of paws4people’s clients and dogs at the graduation!

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  • Nicholas Dassler

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to class today…but yes, I agree. it has to be really exciting knowing that we are all about to meet some extraordinary people that have amazing canine partners who make a huge change in their everyday lives. I can’t wait to meet all these amazing hard working people and all these Assistance Dogs, It will definitely have an impact on me and how I judge dogs pertaining to assistance to a human for a disability, disease or injury….more than I can even imagine right now.

  • MallorieA

    Victoria, I share your excitement for the Graduation coming up. I’m so anxious to meet the clients and their dogs. The stories we’ve heard in class makes it all the more exciting and amazing. What a great ending to a wonderful course and experience. I can’t wait for next semester!

  • MeganH

    I wish I could attend the graduation this Saturday, but unfortunately I have a prior engagement. I’m sure the stories you all will hear will be incredible. I am however looking forward to volunteering at the 5k and seeing how the class has made an impact on the organization already.

  • Austin T

    The graduation is going to be a wonderful experience. I hope that you are enjoying the first Assistance Dogs class and continue to take the remaining classes. There are so many great stories to hear and share in the class and it is a blessing that paws4people is teaching classes at UNCW.

  • CarolineT

    I agree, it is awesome that Paws4People can train dogs to assist people with a wide range of disabilities ranging from neurological to physical to psychological disorders. It is mind-blowing that dogs can be trained to specialize in each of these areas. Graduation was a great experience; hearing each clients personal stories was amazing. I am thankful that Paws4People has experienced and educated trainers who can train dogs to assist people with different disabilities.


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