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Piper / Neal Meets With Tazie / Jeff

Piper / Neal Meets With Tazie / Jeff
February 28, 2012 – Neal and Piper bringing you up-to-date on our visit with Jeff and Tazie, we met at Dick’s sporting goods and took our furry friends on a walk through the store. During the walk the children behaved very well, Tazie became a little interested in the fish bait isle but followed Jeff’s commands quite well, I believe this was the first time that the girl was a round fish. I truly believe that Jeff  has found his perfect match with Tazie, they seemed to get along quite well and Tazie has that look in her eyes as if to be asking Jeff what can I do for you. It is really evident that they care about each other. 

As far as Piper goes the boy obeyed very well and was so laid-back that I don’t think  anything could ever upset him. The dog is totally in control, it is amazing how he helps give me the security to get out with the feeling of knowing he is around when I become nervous.

After Dick’s sporting goods we ate dinner at Chic-Filet and as a usual the dogs behaved like champs.  At the end of dinner we set up a location and time to meet the next day. Jeff going back to the place he was staying and Becky Piper and I returned home to de-stress.


February 29, 2012 – well, it is zero 800 and were in the process of meeting at Paneras, Jeff and Tazie had already found a booth for us, the dogs were great and settled under and around the table like they have been working forever. During our meeting with Karen, Tazie began barking and Piper started to bark and backup Tazie, we were able to calm the dogs with no problem, later my wife told me that before the barking incident she heard someone in the back tapping on a table, I assumed this was the reason for barking, Tazie must have thought she was hearing gunfire and as you all know she has PTSD also.  While there we talked about the upcoming reunion at Carolina Beach, it looks like everyone is excited about going, that will be the day our dogs receive their vest.

Again, I would like to thank Paws4People for their help in getting me out of the house and talking with others.

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  • VictoriaW

    It is great to hear how well PIPER is doing! I remember the day you came and spoke with my class at UNCW and PIPER sure seemed like a special dog. I can’t wait to hopefully meet Jeff and TAZIE at the reunion as well as cheer on PIPER when he gets his vest! I am from the Wilmington area, so hopefully I will see you out on one of your training exercises soon!


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