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Two Silver Labs Donated!

Updates from Terry Henry…

Yesterday Terry picked up two Silver Lab puppies donated  by John Stewart of Stewarts Utopia Kennel in Waynesboro Pa.

A female named SOPHIE and a male named OATH are beginning their new career training at SFF Hazelton today!

And today Terry is on hos way to another kennel in Pa. to pick up three more donated labradors! More info on them soon!

We met with the new SFF Hazelton Administrator Ms. Tanya Gustavsson yesterday.  It was a pleasure meeting her, and we look forward to a continuation of a strong relationship with the Hazelton facility and its staff.

Tomorrow Terry visits FPC Alderson, where he will be taking BUDD for his next set of shots and dropping off new puppies for training.

We are all very excited about adding 5 new Assistance Dog trainees!





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  • Georgianna Honeycutt

    I have never even heard of silver labs before! It’s great that these special puppies were donated to this awesome program. I can’t wait to see pictures of them. I know they are going to be super adorable. Having an assistance dog is great but having a silver lab as one is ever better!

  • Travis V

    Even though I haven’t heard of silver labs, they have to be pretty awesome to be here and in the process of becoming a future assistance dog. I really want to see pictures of these little boogers but hopefully I’ll be able to see them in person sooner or later.

  • Austin T

    Silver labs are beautiful! It’s awesome that these puppies were donated to paws4people and they have a bright future ahead of them. Good luck to the dogs!

  • Judy Young

    What fun looking at this site and watching my Hydro sleep. I am so thankful for this wonderful program as I sit here and watch my beautiful dog sleep. Peace at my house and in my heart.


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