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Apply For A Service Dog

We place Service Dogs (for free) with Active-Duty Military (PTSD and TBI), and Adolescents (generally under 14) with physical, mental, psychiatric, physiological challenges. Click here to apply.

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  • Georgianna Honeycutt

    I hope lots of people apply for dogs! They are such wonderful companions & helpers and I hope more people will learn about them and support the program & others like it. After seeing what they can do for people, I want one for myself!

  • Markell Madden


    My name is Markell Madden I live in Laurens South Carolina. I have been in the military over 20 years that span over 30 years. On my return from my last deployment I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD. I have spent months now in counseling and taken a wide array of medications. I spent 4 weeks in an impatient facility in Radcliff Kentucky and presently await my Med Board. I would like information on how I can arrange training of my two young Siberian husky pups to help me deal with the realities of being home and alone. I will be picking up my pups in about three weeks. One pup will be 8 weeks old the other 9 weeks old. Is there anything you can do to help train both my little gurls to help me deal with the cold reality of life after the wars?


    SFC Madden, Markell

    • Web Master

      Sir. Thank you for your service. We have responded via email.

      But – for anyone else reading this reply, due to the stress of training dogs we do not recommend training your own dog (much less two at a time!).

      Our dogs begin training at 2 days old and training continues nonstop in a prison 24/7/365 for up to two years.

      Dogs are trained by multiple trainers, with different personalities to learn the 100 plus commands – then trained for the specific client’s needs.

      If you are a vet or active duty military with PTSD, TBI or MST and feel you need a service dog, and are withing our operation area, please apply for a dog through our website or by contacting us.

  • Sue Hults

    As a Army vet, I have PTSD and I am currently on medication to help deal with it. I am thankful for my husband who is a Staff Sargent when he was in the Air Force, and he knows how to deal with the PTSD when it decides to flair up, but when he is not at home and I have a flair up, there is no one to help me or to get me occupied with some thing else to where its not as bad . I think your organization is wonderful and blessing to all of us who served whether it be in cold war, peace time or during one of the many wars we had to endure. Thank You for all your do.

  • Heath Mills

    I’m an Army vet, served in OIF from ’03-’04, got out after 6.5 years, and have PTSD. I was nervous about approaching the subject of a service dog with my Mental Health Povider, but when I finally did she was more than supportive. I have just mailed my application on Saturday, and am waiting for my Letters of Recommendation and Letter of Medical Requirment to be sent by the appropriate people. I am so excited thinking of having a Battle-Buddy with me all the time, watching my back as I watch his/hers. I need help dealing with every day life and need someone who has as much time to devote to me as I have to devote to them. I cannot wait to see how I can serve a furry Battle-Buddy and how he/she can help me with my life.

    • Web Master

      Welcome sir. And thanks for your service! Furry battle buddies are cool. Hang around and follow the writing of those who have gone before you to find out more about the process. If you search for Jeff Mitchell and TAZIE you will find a ton of great blog posts documenting his continuing journey. Let us know how we can help!


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