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Seaside Sisters Fundraiser at Tybee Island

Terry and Kyria traveled to Tybee Island last weekend to attend a Saturday afternoon fundraiser for paws4vets held by Diane Kaufman of Seaside Sisters and Mermaid Cottages.  The welcome and southern hospitality afforded were heartwarming!

The turnout Saturday impressed everyone – and the star of the day was Buddy – a beautiful black lab puppy donated by the great folks at Southern . Buddy is now safe, warm and being well taken care of by the trainers at Lakin Correctional Center in West Virginia – hand delivered by Kyria!

We are very grateful for the support and friendship shown by everyone throughout the stay!


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  • David Riley

    Buddy is so cute, and im sure he is going to make someone a great service dog one day. I guess this was a good reason for Kyria missing class last week, or she just wanted to play with the puppy.It looked like the fundraiser went great. And Thank you Southern Pigskin for donating buddy to paws4people so he can help someone live to their full potential and also to the seaside sisters.

  • Travis V

    Buddy has got to be one of the coolest looking puppies I have ever seen. I can only hope to meet him in person and see how laid back he is first hand, he seems completely comfortable being the lazy dog and embraces his roll well. I hope that through the program and other events I’ll get the chance to meet him.


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