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5 Star Service Dog

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5 Star Service Dog

By Southern Pigskin Staff

Meet Talki’s Budweiser, AKA Buddy the up and coming 5 star service puppy.

For the past 5 weeks all of us at Southern Pigskin have been excited about a new addition into our family.

With all of us having a deep affection for our dogs, it’s no wonder when Talki and Lilly had 8 pups we all were a buzz. The litter wasn’t that big, but anytime 8 little ones or more or less for that matter arrive, it catches all of our attention.

After thinking about it for one minute, we are donating one of the pups to the great folks at And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The Mission of paws4people foundation is to enhance the lives of special and regular education students, seniors, and the seriously ill or disabled, by utilizing the “Special Powers” of canine companionship displayed by highly trained Assistance Dogs; including Service, Educational Assistance K-9s, Rehabilitative Assistance Dogs and Social Therapy dogs in specialized educational, private placements and therapeutic visitation programs.

While there are many organizations that share their goal to enhance human lives with canine love, they have found that no other training program matches the selectiveness, variety and qualifications of the paws4people programs. Most organizations focus on either hospitals, nursing homes, private placements or schools. TheirĀ  mission’s multiple aspects are unique in providing diverse groups of citizens with a menu of programs from
which they can select the one that best meets their needs.

Included in that group of people in need are our Wounded Warriors. And although it’s our hope our pup, Buddy, picks a soldier, regardless we are excited to offer Buddy to whoever gets to make him their family.

Buddy is the son of a wonderful labrador retriever named Talki. Talki is a tall block head lab who has a field and trial and hunting background. Lilly, Buddy’s mommy is a beautiful white block head lab female who will take you at hello. She’s awesome..

On a side note, Buddy’s daddy Talki loves Budweiser. So much so he finds Budweiser cans and bites them opening up the can and he drinks the beer. He’s done this more times than can be counted. In fact, anytime anyone is enjoying an ice cold Budweiser, we tell them not to put their can down.

Talki’s Budweiser AKA Buddy is a big boy for only five weeks old. Like his parents he’s going to be smart, soft, easily trained and completely loyal. is excited about partnering with spreading their message that they need help. They need dogs, support and yes money. We will follow Buddy’s progress from the training through his life with his new home and owner.

The journey begins January 28th when Buddy is taken to Tybee Island, Georgia for transport to his first stop. The Big House… literally. The pups are trained by inmates at various federal and state prisons. After a stay there, he’ll be moved into another facility for more indepth training. And then finally, Buddy will get to pick his owner. Not the other way around. Buddy will spend time with a variety of folks who are in need of a service dog, and then he decides where he’ll live.

Stay tuned for updates on Buddy’s progress.

Check out and if your in a position to help, please do.

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